Our Name

is found in the 27th chapter of the book of Acts.  Fair Haven was a harbor in the south of Crete, some 5 miles to the east of which was the town of Lasea and a safe port for ships to take refuge during tumultuous weather.


Fair Haven was the safe port that the ship of Alexandria (in which the Apostle Paul and his companions sailed) and were detained. Contrary to Paul's advice to remain in the Fair Havens, the master of the ship determined to prosecute the voyage. As a result, the vessel was shipwrecked on the coast of Malta.  


Fair Haven desires is to be that safe port in the storm for those who find themselves weary, bruised and broken by the storm of sexual violence. If you are searching for a safe place to heal; dock here and rest awhile.  


You will receive encouragement and some needed tools for the future travels. You will receive supplies that will help with today. You will also receive support and direction along the path of recovery. We are here to help.


Our Founders

Fair Haven  (originally known as Fair Haven Center for Women.  Our name was modified in 2017 to promote inclusive services for all victims of sexual assault) was founded in 2005 by two courageous survivors of sexual violence: Patty Conley and Kelly Vates.


Kelly Vates is the Cofounder and Executive Director of Fair Haven. Born and raised in Lake County, she has received training and certifications in Crisis Counseling, Christian Leadership, Biblical Counseling and Sexual Assault Victim Advocacy.


Kelly has dedicated her life to the education and prevention of abuse and sexual violence.  It is her way of taking the pain of her past and turning it into a blessing.  Her encouragement to other victims of violence: “There is life without pain! The journey towards healing begins with one small step.”


Patty Conley is cofounder and Former Director of Operations of Fair Haven. Patty faithfully served in this capacity from September 2005-May 2018.  Patty was born and raised in Lake County, Indiana, received certifications in Biblical Counseling, Sexual Assault Victim Advocacy and completed her Bachelor Degree in Counseling in 2016. 

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Mark Your Calendar and plan to attend our 17th Annual Walk in the Park & Colorful Fun Run on April 25, 2020 @ Wicker Memorial Park.   More details coming soon.

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