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2016 ended with nearly 263,000 sexual assaults in the U.S.

Our programs are designed to support victims and impact change within our community.  Our mission... to help slow down the clock in 2017

Crisis Intervention is our 24-hour rape response services offered to Lake County, IN.  This program will provide the sexual assault victim the opportunity to have the support of a Sexual Assault Victim Advocate present prior to and during all medical and legal proceedings and throughout the entire legal and healing process.  


If you live in the Lake County, IN and are a victim of sexual assault and would like to speak with an advocate, contact our 24-hour line 219-218-2552  (Read more)

Our adult services program provides both individual and group counseling to adults who have experienced violence and trauma in their life.


Continuing services is a program that focuses on mind, body, and spirit restoration. (Read More)

Adolescent Services is a specialized program for female adolescents between the ages of 13-18.


Our specialized youth services program will guide adolescent victims of sexual assault and trauma through the recovery process. Each session has a therapeutic goal & hands on activities including
journaling & art projects. This program equips young survivors with the tools they need to heal, thrive and overcome. (Read more)

Our community education program, Think First & Stay Safe, is built on 7 Cornerstone Lessons for grades K-6.  Students learn to
identify the lures that are consistently used in  predatory crimes against children, which are most often committed by someone the
child knows.

Our Navigate program is available to all area Middle and High Schools.  By bringing Navigate into your classrooms and school,
it gives your students the information they need to keep themselves safe and teaching staff and parents the resources they need
to help guide students towards healthy relationships.  For more information or to schedule a presentation, please contact our office or email: info@asafeport.org

(Read More)

Our Canine Advocacy is led by our Certified Therapy dog, Aspen! 


Therapy dogs are trained to calm someone having an anxiety or panic attack. Aspen has been trained to gently comfort and soothe clients by "hugging" or nestling up to the person by leaning against their leg or lying at/on their feet. She loves unconditionally! When our clients walk through the door, she is immediately happy to see them. Her tail wags and she "smiles" as they approach her. Having her on the greeting committee impacts the victims overall counseling experience. (Read More)

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