Crisis Intervention Services

Crisis Intervention is our 24-hour Rape Response Services offered to Lake County, IN.  This program will provide the sexual assault victim the opportunity to have the support of a Sexual Assault Victim Advocate present prior to and during all medical and legal proceedings and throughout the entire legal and healing process.  


If you live in Lake County, IN and are a victim of sexual assault and would like to speak with an advocate, contact our 24-hour line 219-218-2552



What is a Sexual Assault Victim Advocate?


Advocates are professionally trained to support victims of sexual assault crimes. They are the continuum in care for victims of sexual assault.  Advocates offer:

  • Emotional support.
  • May be present during the forensic evidence examination as well as police interviews.
  • Provide information on crime prevention.
  • Provide information of a victims legal rights.
  • Provide support during the criminal justice process.
  • Attend court proceedings with the victim.
  • Aide victims in safety planning.
  • Aide victims in Victim Compensation paperwork.
  • Providing community resources and referrals.
  • Maintain confidentiality.  

Important Information


CODE§ 35-37-6-1 to -11


Type of Privilege: Absolute



No victim or victim counselor can be compelled to give testimony or produce records concerning confidential communications in any judicial, legislative, or administrative proceeding IND.CODE§ 35-37-6-9

No victim, victim advocate, or victim service provider can be compelled to give testimony in any proceeding that would identify the name, address, location, or telephone number of any facility that provided temporary emergency shelter to the victim of the offense that is the subject of the proceeding IND.CO§ 3-37-6-9.

A victim service provider or victim advocate may not require a victim to consent to the disclosure of information concerning confidential communications and confidential information as a condition of the victim receiving services. IN.CODE § 35-37-6-9

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